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RGB Training Services provides customized Corporate Training Programs, Behavioral Training Programs, and Leadership Training Programs that are segregated separately for the beginners, intermediates and experts for various organizations as well as specially designed for the Start-ups. At RGB, we look into the purpose and need of training as distinct factors that help us customize our training content. Every individual brings one’s skills, experience, and knowledge to the organization, which when put together as a team, can draw better efficiency and performance. However, specific skill training enhances the knowledge, skill applied at work encourages acceptance and correction at work.

Corporate Training


Organizations that opt for dedicated corporate training have assured employee development in their work and are able to achieve their professional goals more effectively. Organizational decision-making and encouraging the learning process within their staff through corporate training is highly essential and a continuous process – that keeps the environment of continuous learning constant. Hence, for a continuous learning environment, the process of careful training and development events, the use of critique sessions, appraisal of change efforts, and comparison of pre-and post-training behavioral patterns are quite effective. 

Behavioral Training


This specific skill set enhances the candidate’s emotional and mental strength to cope with each phase of transition at the workplace. Adjusting to newer situations and people is one of them. The growing behavior of keeping oneself engrossed in the mobile screen has distanced the humans around. Hence, adjusting – tolerating – getting to know one and another – confidence to present oneself and a lot of interpersonal skills have gone on a toss. The ability to accept one’s mistake, work on corrections, engaging in healthy debates is taking an image of grudges instead. The need for Emotional Intelligence is rising with each hour.

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Leadership Development


Every individual ought to be a leader to create his identity. It is truly said – “Actions speak more than words.” Hence, each action taken at work and life, should make you a leader! Being an effective leader is a hard row to hoe, but the reward it yields is worth the trouble. It is not the position of power but your leadership skills that help you think in unique and out-of-box ways. To emerge as an effective leader, one needs to master on his soft skills and knowledge, and most importantly, display appropriate skills of a leader! Leadership skills help you create an encouraging and productive work environment; command love, respect, and devotion from the team.

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Corporate Training


Transforming corporate work culture by cultivating Employee-Oriented training and development, would be essential for companies to strengthen their employee performance. Corporate Training Programs are a catalyst to improve employees’ job skills and knowledge, which help them improve performance in the workplace.

Behavioral Training


Behavioral Skill Training utilizes instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback to teach a new skill. These training programs are designed to some predetermined criterion, focusing on transforming behavioral patterns for positive transformations for every individual and its team to have bigger transformations for the organization!

Leadership Development


Leadership Development is a complex implementation that needs self-realization and self-commitment to engage in a transformation for the good of others. With the help of such interventions, leaders are required to introspect their leadership methods and adapt to the environment and individualistic requirements.

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