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Assisting you to elevate the potential in you!

Our services are curated to redefine individual skills in today’s business landscape that include various work modes adding complexity to deal with performance and efficacy.

Our Services

Client Stories

A few case studies that showcase real-world impact, build trust with potential clients, and fuel innovation by highlighting successful learning journeys. In just a few words, they're powerful insights of how our training transforms lives and businesses.

Client: Codal

At Codal, we modernize and grow businesses by crafting digital solutions like eCommerce, Product Strategy & Innovation, Digital Transformation, Experience Design and Data & AI. Codal has expanded internationally, opening offices in the UK, India, and Canada.

Year: 2023

When IT got back to offices, this was the time when teams and managers had to build sync. When teams have difficulties in interpersonal resonance, handling day to day delegation, and have not met for two long years, it was time that people were brought together stronger in person.

Industry: Technology

We crafted OD Intervention for Strategic Development, aiming at Leadership. Identifying potentials and traits of leaders we could channelize their skills, ideologies to build better teams and get efficient through out 2 month long intervention.

Client: SecuraMax®

Expert in control valve solutions for tricky & hazardous services, has today emerged as the pioneer and leader in India, in the field of self actuated pressure control valves, low pressure nitrogen blanketing systems, gas pressure reducing stations with safety shut off & metering skids.

Year: 2022

It was soon after the lockdowns were lifted and organizations had begun with employees coming in, communication was a critical aspect as people had learnt working from home, seeing people on screens, and in person communication had become critical.

Industry: Manufacturing

This training program was for Employee Engagement and Inter Departmental Communication. We included case studies, psychometric testing and simulation acts for understanding the role of Essential Communication Methods at Workplace for Secura Max - Safety Valves & Systems.

Client: Shiva PharmaChem

Shiva Pharmachem, headquartered at Vadodara, Gujarat (India), is the largest manufacturer of acid and alkyl chlorides, by volume, in CY 2022 in India and a key player globally. They have created storage and distribution hubs in Europe and USA to strengthen our relationship and serve our customers better.

Year: 2019

The plant is located in the heart of a rural segment where the contractual technicians were influenced by the sarpanch and irrational demands. Causing lenient approach to occupational health and safety measures by  the technicians.

Industry: Chemicals

We had to analyze the non-flexible behaviors of the technicians before we could begin with the Performance Boost OD. We trained the contractual staff in Gujarati & Hindi to help them with essentials of safety measures and continuous learning.

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