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5 Easy Ways to become a Pro-Innovative Performer

Become a Pro-Innovative Performer!

Does being a researcher only mean being in a laboratory 24/7? Well no that’s not true, it can also mean to research in an office or at home or in any corner of the world with the right source. Research is required in every field including business, science and technology, sports, journalism etc. Research and development works hand in hand. As without research, development cannot take place in the same way without development the research is just a piece of work which isn’t put to its potential use. Research and development are necessary for innovation that makes life easier and productive. In the present time the organizations invest millions (provide examples of companies that failed to provide innovative endeavor space and lost a profitable venture, google, adobe, xerox, apple) in research to survive in the competitive market and provide the consumer new product and services and hold on to their USPs in the market. To serve this purpose appropriate and accurate research is required. With the ongoing research, development is also an important part.

Tips to become a Pro-Innovative Performer

Thought Experiment

The name thought experiment sounds a little bit like thought of the day. The thought experiment is quite the opposite to it. Thought experiment is the genesis of all the ideas and the innovation that are generated through the creative process. The root of all the ideas is that one idea that is generated, that makes the corporation flourish in the market. But a good idea with a lot of flaws may crumble the whole strategy, even the organization. That's why it is important to do research before entering the market to oversee all the variables/ elements that might affect the business empire internally and externally. But there are some variables that can’t be calculated objectively i.e. the results can be expressed on paper, anything could happen when the final plan is executed or released in the market. To deal with such a situation beforehand, thought experiment technique is used.

Thought experiment in simple terms is making a storyline for our ideas. It is like a hypothetical situation in which the hypothesis or the theories are laid out knowing the consequences of the same and to draw conclusions out of it. Thought experiment enhances the knack of looking into different directions in any situation, increases the ability of logical thinking. This process compels the individual or the corporation to push their limits and find the answer of the question and explore the limits. This process enhances the scope of knowledge and gives a new perspective.

Mental State Shift

Mental state shift is the cognitive ability of an individual to adapt to the changes occurring in the surrounding and change their behavior and attitude accordingly. Because while working in any corporation, change is inevitable. The external factor or the changes occurring in the market can severely affect the internal system of the organization if the employees or the management itself isn’t ready to take the hit. In some situations the companies have to go through mergers and acquisitions, in such situations the comfort zone and the basic management is affected a lot, in such times the employees need to be very cooperative and open to change i.e. to work with a new set of people and maybe even in a new surrounding, with a new management body etc. As we witnessed when Covid sprawled, everyone was asked to work from home and then post Covid, everyone was asked to work from office, where the work duration had increased during the covid period. In both the situations mental state shift played a main role. Because every individual’s ability to adapt to sudden change varies. That was the reason that the rate of anxiety and depression increased during Covid period. Even after covid, the economy faced the ‘The Great Depression’ period because for a lot of people it was difficult to adapt to the change and work in the office setting again.


Prototyping is the representation of what the actual product will look like. We can say the prototype is a sample product of the actual product. Before releasing any product in the market, a prototype of the article or the service is designed to attract the customers to invest in the product. In old times there was no concept like prototyping which reduced the optimum utilization of the resources, not allowing to make any dynamic changes that were required before releasing the product in the market. This increased the risk of failure of the product that affected the goodwill of the company. Because of this very reason, today the companies have prioritized prototyping. This technique helps to rectify the defaults in the product before releasing it into the market and provides scope for the future development. It helps to evaluate the design by precision which increases the efficiency of the product and this also reduces the cost.

For products that don't need to be manufactured, visual presentations also help in presenting the design or a pilot framework of the product or service to the investors or buyers.


In every field there is always a scope for improvement. On that very principle the concept of research of development is instrumental. The main purpose of Research and Development is to improve and innovate that makes life easier and more purposeful. In the same way when any product is released in the market, the companies are always trying to improve the existing product. In general terms improvisation is the ability to create, innovate and implement new or unplanned solutions to the situation. The purpose is to provide better products to the customers and to survive in the market. Improvisation enhances the ability of creativity, to think from a wider perspective and increases the decision making and problem solving skills. This develops the mental flexibility i.e. ability of spontaneous thinking. Most of the organizations demand for this skill, as in the rapidly changing environment the organizations need to respond promptly and need to adapt to it simultaneously to keep their business thriving in the market. For which problem solving and creativity are the two major skills that are required for improvisation which enhances the possibilities of innovation.

Inducing Change of Perspective

Change in perspective is required to see things in a different manner or in a new way. As sometimes while problem solving there is a possibility that the individual might have a stern or a set mindset or opinions regarding that situation. This thing can work as a roadblock because this obstructs our ability to see things from a different perspective, which increases the risk of not being able to find the solution which is actually required for the situation. This should not be a personal agenda as being the solution which is appropriate according to someone. Change of perspective is a process using incubation techniques that is taking a step back and looking at the problem in a different way altogether.

All these techniques highlight the importance of divergent thinking to think from a wider perspective while solving a problem and decision making. These skills are required while researching in any field and development i.e. required for innovation.


Workplaces often struggle with new policies for employee management, work culture development, workforce planning and recruitment, promotions and marketing campaigns, positioning and targeting of products and even collaborations and mergers would certainly require the team and individuals to be innovative enough to stand out from the crowd and make the services of the organization carve a distinct image in the minds of people and consumers. Hence, innovation is a mandatory skill that individuals should hone these days and era of great resignation and moonlighting.


Hope you found this article helpful. If you or your organization is interested to learn more about such attributes and behavioral skills at the workplace, feel free to get in touch with us at RGB Training Services!


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