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Your Learning & Development Partner: Offering just exactly what you need!

With an on-site presence on a continuous roll to diagnose your Learning & Development requirements and provide suitable interventions for your organization!


We encourage self learning with our blogs, webinars, podcasts and videos. 

​Elevate Your Excellence For Lasting Success

Fostering Learning & Development - RGB


Learning & Development Solutions designed to empower individuals, ignite performance, and drive organizational growth. At RGB Training Services, we believe that investing in your people is the key to success in today's dynamic business landscape.

The Story of RGB

Isn't it time for your teams to reach their apex? Know about your Partner in Growth.

RGB Training Services unlocks potential in individuals and organizations through customized training solutions. We equip professionals with essential workplace skills and foster humane, productive organizational behavior. Our expert-led programs cater to all levels, from beginners to executives, across diverse industries. Empower your workforce and unlock success with RGB.



Corporates often confuse "soft skills" with behavior. While communication helps, targeted cognitive skill training tackles deeper drivers like motivation, bias, and collaboration, boosting true performance.


The IT Industry misses hidden ROI in behaviors. They focus on tech skills, overlooking potential blind spots of behavioral modification through building cognitive skills that drive sustainable success.


Manufacturing Industries can boost efficiency, safety, and innovation through targeted behavioral training. Psychometric testing maps hidden talent, creating targeted programs that build ideal teams, reducing costs, and driving growth.


Cognitive development, in addition to soft skills, can improve the employee lifecycle for fresh graduates. It helps graduates transition smoothly into the workforce and achieve success in their careers.


Technical expertise and sales prowess rule in infrastructure. Training, despite long-term gains, often takes a backseat due to project pressures and budget constraints.


Many companies prioritize technical skills, leaving untapped potential in emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and adaptability. Behavioral training unlocks this hidden advantage.


Overall Services - RGB

Diagnostic Tools

Competency Frameworks to Diagnose Cognitive Skills and Team Dynamics pave a way for a successful Learning and Development plan. Using Psychometrics for Ability Assessments reveals behavioral potentials for individual and organizational growth.

Training Workshops

Insightful Data on Behavioral Tendencies lead to identification of skills, potentials. Strategic Learning Plans are crafted with individual action plans and active experiential learning for Organizational Development.

Organizational Development Interventions - RGB

OD Interventions

OD Interventions act like growth boosters for businesses. They diagnose issues, design targeted solutions like workshops, team building, and boost key areas like workplace intelligence, leadership, and collaboration. This unlocks hidden potential, leading to a happier, more engaged workforce and ultimately, faster growth and higher profits.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

It is a very important self analysis program. Very useful. Nicely organized session and well taught to provide essential learning. It felt good to attend the session.

Mandar Joshi
Pure Energy Control

Got more ideas for decision making, how to take risks, felt confident while applying, easy language for clarification, got clarity about Decision making.

Ganesh Patil


Excellent topic and good orator sighted examples of Decision Making tools.Chanakya's advice , GROW model, unique method of teaching delphi method. Faculty is updated with the latest solutions for decision making.

Vijay  Amin, Manager Logistics
Hoerbiger India

Trusted Globally

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