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Secura Max 

This training program was for Employee Engagement and Inter Departmental Communication. We included case studies, activities and simulation acts for understanding the role of Essential Communication Methods at Workplace for Secura Max - Safety Valves & Systems.


Shiva Pharmachem

This project was purely dedicated for Reducing Cultural & Rural Pressure, and Adherence  at the manufacturing unit for the contractual technical staff. The training program also included topics for Interpersonal Skills, Basic Communication, and Need for Belongingness. 

Shiva Pharmachem.jpg

Rungta College - Raipur & Bhillai

This was a Campus to Corporate Training Program, where all the course students, Diploma, Bachelors and Master Students participated. Employability skills, Presentation Skills, Workplace Communication, Interview Skills, Digital Skills and a lot more were included. The students learnt creativity, networking and problem solving on Behavioral Aspects.  

Rungta College.jpg

Sumandeep Vidyapeeth

RGB has trained the teaching and non-teaching staff at Sumandeep Vidyapeeth. We held programs for IELTS Coaching and Soft Skills. We have also held programs for Anger Management, Medical English and English for Business for the Dental College, Management College and Nursing College. 

Sumandeep Vidyapeeth2.jpg

Credence Management Corporation

The training program was meant for the core staff for Management, Leadership & Team Development. All the Department Heads & New Recruits were present for the training program. It was 2 day on-site training program created as per the needs for growth & enhance Emotional Intelligence for the  organization. 


Lovely Professional University 

This training was specifically designed for students with lower CGPAs for their Campus Recruitment Drives. This program included Interpersonal Skills,  Presentation Skills, Creativity and Innovative Thinking, Problem Solving, Crisis Management, Mind Mapping, Goal Setting and Interviewing Skills. The major aspect to handle was Voice and Accent Training, as most of the locals had strong MTI and intonations. 

RGBTS - Lovely Professional University2.jpg

Few More Memories to Cherish

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