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Meet the Team


Meet RGB's leadership team! RGB Training Services is led by a diverse team with more than half a century of collective experience and expertise in psychological and behavioral skills training, corporate training programs, operational training and excellence, higher education programs, Customer Success, Pre-placement programs for students & many more.

Binita Kadam

Founding President


Being an Industrial Psychologist & Corporate Communication Coach makes it much easier to handle tricky situations with Interpersonal Skill Building, Attitude Cultivation, and Personality Development. Skilled with theories and practical methods used in designing, developing, delivering, and assessing successful training programs and adult learning concepts. Result-oriented Trainer adept at learning and teaching new products as well as tracking results that drive continuous improvements, content development, E-learning module development, and psychological methods of training and development for Industrial Development. 

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Neilesh M K         

Co-Founding President


My experience of work culture from Metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, and Bangalore, and project management for clients specifically in the USA, UK, Australia helps me inculcate minute workplace skills and strategies that lack in most of the professionals today. Training Vernacular individuals for Communication, Business Skills, Soft Skills, Operation and Team Management as well as English Competitive Exams have become the new essentials to bring about evolution along with the growing standards of technology, in-depth conceptual learning for budding professionals. Age and education are not a bar to judge the result to be obtained, the methods involved are crucial to yield it. 

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