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Frequently Asked Questions 


We would like to address questions regarding the Corporate Training Programs, Behavioral Training Programs for Organizations; and Campus to Corporate Training Programs for University Students that are tailor-made for Corporate Organizations and Individuals at RGB Training Services. 

 01  Can you assure us that our organization will be able to upskill
                  their Business English Skills well?

                           To learn successfully, you need to practice regularly. No language can be taught or learned 
                           without enough practice. Those who practice it, have succeeded.

 02  Can you train our organization in Hindi/ Gujarati/ Marathi? 

                           Yes, we understand not all are comfortable with English; hence, we help you learn the concepts
                           with the help of your regional language in the initial stages and then take you to a purely English
                           conversing Environment.




 03  Do you provide training for small organizations? 

                           Affirmative, we provide all Basic to Hi-end training programs for small, medium, and large
                           organizations too. RGB encourages learning for all organizations! 

 04  Are your training programs the same as Soft Skills that are                            taught to university students?

                           Soft Skills include more than 100 skills, while RGB covers the typical skills as per the latest market
                           and workplace trends and needs. Hence, RGB Training is different and more than just the basic
                           Soft Skills Training Provider! 

 05  How are your Training Programs fruitful and suitable for
                  Colleges and Universities?

                           RGB provides customized training programs for each of the courses and education levels your
                           institute can have. We ensure that your students would learn updated work skills that help the
                           college/university in a greater ratio of successful placements for them and make them
                           extraordinary resilient professionals.  

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